Marty Kimsey

Marty Kimsey is from the mountains of North Carolina. He has developed the knowledge and skill-set required to navigate the unique issues of buying homes, commercial, investment, and land properties in the Western North Carolina area. 



For over 40 years the Marty has been an active part of the community, including service in the North Carolina Assembly as a State Representative for Western North Carolina. He has advocated building a safe and secure haven for freedom and for those seeking an idyllic atmosphere to live while keeping the rustic heritage drawing so many to our mountains.



Marty has demonstrated continued dedication to the community and improving quality of representation for consumers by his involvement in the North Carolina Real Estate Association, his board membership in the Realtors association, and his diligent work with the Regional Economic Development – West Board team.  Marty served as a State Director for the North Carolina Association of Realtors, President of the Franklin Board of Realtors, and was the former director of the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce. Marty has the background to make things happen. 



During Marty’s career, he has listed and sold hundreds upon hundreds of properties in the Franklin, Sylva, Highlands, Dillard, and other cities in the surrounding states.  Marty has a straightforward and clear ability to communicate the positives and opportunities in transactions, which allows his clients to make well-informed decisions. Some would say Marty is “the old truth sayer.”



Marty received his license in 1979, has owned and run one of  the top 100 producing Re/Max offices in the nation, as well as his private firm. Marty has an in-depth understanding of marketing, advertising, and approaches his work as a business, not a secondary endeavor or hobby. 


Marty is currently the owner of the Marty Kimsey Real Estate team and, in conjunction, has developed unique advertising and marketing programs allowing his clients to use a multitude of tools to maximize the value of their properties and minimize time to fulfillment. For more information about these unique programs, please follow this link.


His venture in real estate has brought him land development opportunities, including the purchase, development, and sale of thousands of residential, forestry and raw land to clients such as Nantahala Power and Light, Bud Brown Dams, Gold City Estates, Stone Creek Crossing, Westwood Estates and many more.



In 2008 Marty founded the Kimsey Auction Team after his long-term association in Auctions as Regional Vice President of a property Auction company since 1989. Marty originated and orchestrated two of the most well known and largest auctions in Georgia and the Carolinas, Sky Valley. His impact on the Auction business crossed many state lines, including Georgia,
North Carolina, Tennessee, and other adjacent states.



Real estate and development has been, and always will be, a well-loved and practiced career for Marty. He currently runs the highest producing team in the Great Smokey Mountains. His team is committed to supplying the best possible outcomes for all parties utilizing a win-win approach to all, regardless of the property price point or the specific needs of his clients.

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